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Server Updated: 2023/06/01

Find My Facebook ID

FB Search makes it possible for you to find your Facebook Id without going through difficult steps. The question is: What is a Facebook Id? Facebook id is a unique sequence of numbers assigned to every page, post, profile, images and everything that exist on Facebook. It is like an address for reaching to the specific post or profile. Your profile also has a Facebook id connected to it.

Won’t you like to know what is yours? If you want to do that, use our tool and the ID will appear in no time. Our tool is easily accessible from any web browser. You can use mobile phone or your computer to open our website and look for the specific Facebook ID. You can check your ID as well as others with the help of this tool.

Find My Facebook Numeric ID

Do you know how to visit your Facebook profile? You sure do. Visit your Facebook profile and check the browser’s address bar. This is the URL you would need to find your Facebook numeric ID. Copy the URL and type it in the search bar and click ‘Find Numeric ID’.

You will get the Facebook Numeric ID for your profile after doing so. You can use the same steps to find the Facebook Numeric ID for other users too.

How to Find Facebook Profile/Page/Group ID Number?

There is no hard way to do this if you are using FB Search. You can find Facebook numeric ID attached to any of the profiles, pages and groups using this tool. Once you reach the page on your Facebook account for which you need the numeric ID, copy its URL.

Use this URL to search for the numeric ID for pages, profiles and Groups. Paste the URL in the search bar and click on Find Numeric ID. In the similar fashion you search for your profile numeric id, you can search for numeric ids for other’s profiles, pages and groups.

How to Find Facebook ID In Easy Steps?

What can be the easiest way to find the Facebook Numeric ID other than searching it on FB search. Our website helps you with instant result by one click. The platform is secure and hassle-free to use. Just by entering the URL of the specific profile or group, you can check the numeric id.

For example, if you are looking for your profile’s numeric id, check for your profile’s URL address. You can find it by clicking on your photo on the right top corner of your Facebook Page.

The URL will be like:

Copy this URL and paste it in the search bar available above. And, click on the ‘Find Numeric ID’. You will get the result right away displayed on the screen.

FB Search is useful in many ways. We have made sure that users feel it simple while navigating through the website. The steps are easy to follow. We strive to make Facebook search easier for our users. And, will keep implementing the best tools to improve further.