Online Facebook Video Downloader

Scan the QR code below to download directly to your smartphone or tablet!
Scan the QR code below to download directly to your smartphone or tablet!
Server Updated: 2023/06/01

Free Online Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloade offers the best tool for downloading videos from Facebook. It is easy to use and can be done using simple steps. We, at FB Search always aims at providing the best solution to our users through secure alternatives.

This video downloader tool is also one of the safest options available on the internet. You can download any video from Facebook for free using this tool. You can use this tool on your mobile phones as well a laptops and computers.

Without paying anything or registering on the website, you can enjoy the benefit of hassle-free video download from the Facebook. All you need is the video URL from the Facebook and you can download it on your local disk.

How to Save a Video from Facebook?

If you are looking to save videos from Facebook, do not worry. This easy tool offered by FB search can make that possible for you in no time. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you can download the videos as fast as possible.

Here are the steps to download videos from Facebook using FB Search:

  • Visit the video URL on Facebook
  • Copy the URL from the browser address bar
  • Paste the URL in the FB Search bar above
  • Click on download

Once you complete the above steps, your video will be downloaded to your personal computer or mobile phone in matter of minutes. The videos are downloaded in the preselected folders. These are set by the browsers you are using to download the videos.

If you wish to change the folder, check the setting of your browser and you can select the folder for storing the downloaded videos. Or, you can just move the downloaded videos from the predefined folders to the folder of your choice.

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software?

You do not need to download any software when using FB search. Instead of making room for one more software in your mobile or PC, you can access our website and download the video right away. If you know how to check the URL for the videos uploaded on the Facebook, you can download those videos instantly.

Using the steps mentioned above, you can download any video to mp4 format on your device. The format is easily readable by almost every video playing application. So, you can check the downloaded video with any application of your choice.

After downloading, you can even watch these videos without an internet connection. So, if you like a video on Facebook, why not download it and keep it with you forever, even when it is deleted by the admin of the video.

Best Facebook Video Downloader App

Why to install one more software on your device only to download videos from Facebook. Instead, why not use the best online video downloading app to download and save all your videos? Our website does not keep any copy of the videos downloaded from the Facebook. It is safe to use and provides best results.