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Server Updated: 2023/06/01

Facebook Video Converter

Facebook Video Converter provides the simplest and secure way to convert videos to audios and other video formats using our video converter tool. You do not need to register with our website or pay anything for the service. It is free to use and does not involve any unnecessary registration steps. This is to ensure that you can convert the videos instantly without wasting any time.

Best Facebook Video Converter

Facebook Video Converter offers the best video converter tool. You can use it on any of your device. Either its laptop, PC, mobile phones or tablets, you can use this tool on android as well as IOS devices. There is no limitation to the number of videos you can convert using one IP address. You can use it for as many videos as you want.

There are different formats available for conversion. You can convert the videos into audio files using MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG and ACC formats. For videos, you can choose between AVI, M4V, MP4, WEBM and FLV formats.

If your video browsing software does not allow a specific file format, convert it into a different format and download it to your personal device using our conversion tool.

How to Use Facebook Video Converter?

It is very easy to use. Click the video on the Facebook to locate the URL of the video.

  • Copy the Facebook video URL from the address bar
  • Paste the URL to the FB Search bar above
  • Select the format you want to convert the video to
  • Click on Convert (The video will be converted to the format selected)
  • Once the video is converted, you can download the video to your device’s folder

The downloaded file will be saved in the folder selected by your browser. You can change the folder in the browser’s settings or can move the downloaded videos to the folder of your choice manually.

By using these steps, you can easily convert your video to audio or other video formats. It is safe to use and very secure. We ensure that your experience with FB Search is satisfying by providing you the high quality conversions.

How to Convert Video Facebook To MP3?

To convert the Facebook videos to MP3 format, you must locate the Facebook video’s URL. Paste the URL to the search bar above and click on start. You will be prompted to select the audio or video format. Select MP3 from the list and click on convert.

After you click on convert, our FB Search tool will start the conversion process retaining the high quality of the video.

When the video is converted, you will find the option for downloading the video. Click on download and the work is done.

You can do that for other formats as well. Use our free tool that does not need any downloading or installing of software. Just browse our website and convert as many videos as you like. Safe and easy to use, you will find it fun to play around with the different formats. So, make the best use of the tool and start converting.