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Facebook is the fastest growing network of people and businesses. Those who have an account on Facebook come across various basic usage complexity while surfing through the platform. One such problem that users usually face is while looking for a particular post or picture or any other content published on one’s timeline.

Since 2004, Facebook has only experienced surge in its popularity if we ignore few glitches in the past. It is difficult to find someone who does not have a Facebook account if within the digital reach. That is only because Facebook is much more than an app connecting people worldwide. This social media network has proved to unveil a lot of potential a digital e-commerce can achieve.

The world is becoming smaller and reach farther. There are many reasons why a small timeline search could mean so much to an individual or a business. And, if it’s about Facebook, nothing is ignorable. People have achieved so much through the platform that missing even a small detail could cost a fortune to some.

Reasons to Search Someone’s Facebook Timeline

There could be hundreds of reasons if you ask users why they wish to check someone’s else’s or their own timeline to look for something that was published years ago. However, some reasons are worth noting. Facebook has not only brought people closer but has worked as a medium for international businesses to collaborate and indulge in closer business relationship ignoring the boundaries.

Not just that, even law and crime services use Facebook to find leads in their cases. There are many examples where criminals were caught because of this social media network. Well, you can think of as many reasons as you can. But, undermining the fact that Facebook has evolved as one of the major sources of information would be the biggest mistake.

Let us take few examples to further understand the importance of timeline search on Facebook. What if you published a post few years back which could be as long as 14 years that helped you a lot in your business. After those many years, when you needed some information related to the post, you wonder why Google isn’t helping. It’s because the blog was posted long back and tracking that on Google would be a lot difficult.

However, if you know how to look for that timeline post by applying the right tricks, you may find it in the first go.

Again, if you are dating someone, the best way to look into his past life is by scrolling through his Facebook posts. If you know how to jump to a specific duration, the search will become a lot easier, isn’t it?

There are many of them. Think of an investigation team looking for a criminal wandered far away. If that person uses Facebook, the chances are high that one will track him down with the old tags and trips or the places visited on the profile.

Most of all, Facebook has already completed more than 14 years and the timeline has become vast. Even if you want an information published last year, you must go through a lot of irrelevant content. Think of trying to find something posted 14 years back.

All these reasons make it imperative to understand how timeline search works.

Searching Someone else’s Timeline Using a New Feature

No one has the time to scroll through the entire timeline to find out that one post published many years back. We all have fallen prey to the fastest possible ways because of the leniency technology has provided us, which is a good thing.

We have discovered ways to solve problems immediately instead of making numerous attempts for getting nowhere. In such course of time, Facebook did realize that the timeline needs a new feature for making it easy and fast for users to search for the old posts. If we are finding it difficult, how come Facebook wouldn’t have noticed that.

Taking the opportunity and turning it into possibility, Facebook released a new feature with which time line search is just few click and selection away.

To learn how to do that, you must be logged in on your laptop because the feature only works on the web version. So, time to go the old school ways. Leave your mobile phones and grab your laptop or sit in front of your desktop.

Log in to your account. Open the timeline of the user you want to search. Start scrolling down the timeline a little bit but not too far. Only after you do down a little, you will find a menu that would pop on the left top of your screen.

It will have the name of the user. A dropdown saying timeline and next to it would be another dropdown saying recent. Once you will click on recent, you will get the option to select any specific year for and the timeline will start showing the post for that year. You can also select the exact date to be more specific about the detail.

All you need would pop right in front of you in just few selections. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

The Conclusion

Facebook has done a great job is getting things together on one platform. With time, the platform is evolving even to better standards for making things accessible quicker and faster. Who would have known in back 2014 that Facebook would become an integral part of our communication?

Either it’s a simple people search or the timeline search, nothing seems unimportant. And, Facebook does make changes to cope with the challenges the vastness has brought to the platform. If you are in the digital circle, you must be on Facebook. So, why not utilize it for good.

I hope this post will help you further to make use of the Facebook posts and networking even better. If you need to search someone’s timeline the next time, do not forget to use the new feature.

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