7 ways to Spy on your Competitors Facebook Ads


In this digital age, where everything is online and connected, it becomes imperative to know what our competitors are doing. Not just this gives an idea of what we should do but it also helps us to stay away from the flop ideas. And, who can ignore Facebook Ads which has helped millions of businesses to reach their target clients.

If you think that looking at your new feed would get you the information you need about your competitor’s ads, you are making a huge mistake. While you will keep glancing at the new feed, other businesses would make their own strategy and leave you behind in the digital competition already.

Thankfully, you do have tools that can help you keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and what is working for them. It isn’t a bad idea to replicate the ad strategies that work and ignore the once that don’t. After all, it will give you an edge over your competitors without wasting time on useless ads.

Here is the list of few tools that you can use to monitor your competitor’s Facebook Ads.

1- “Info and Ads” Tool by Facebook

Facebook has been a charmer when it comes to provide the diverse services under one umbrella. To increase the transparency, Facebook released Info and Ads tool for its user who wanted to keep track of the ads run by their favorite brands. However, you can use this tool to watch what your competitors are doing.

While it’s the one of the faster ways to accomplish your research, it is completely free as well. With few clicks of button, you can check what your competitors are up to and bring all the good points together to prepare your advertising strategy.


  • If you are a startup, you will highly be benefitted with the feasibility study of your ads in no cost.
  • The tool provides geographical features which lets you find out the ads specific to your local business.


  • Your ads are also open for all your competitors
  • Anyone can flag your ad as inappropriate without leaving any reason
  • The information for likes, comments and shares are not visible

2- Ads Examples by AdEspresso

This tool by AdEspresso lets you see ads from various industry at one place. It comes for no price and is very useful in checking ads from other businesses without much hassle. They manually add the FB ads whichever comes up in front of them and let their user have the benefit of comparing those ads for a better strategy of their own.


  • More than 25 industries you can search through
  • You can apply filters to search for the specific ads in no time. You can choose as per the industry, attribute and objective.
  • Let you find all the ads at one place


  • The tool needs you to disable the AdBlock

3- Facebook Ad Spy Tool by AdSwiper

This tool has free as well as paid version. If you opt for the free version, you would only get access to the ads available on your news feed. Paid version provides better insight about the ad and its performance.


  • You can filter the competitor ads using keywords, page name, word count, and much more
  • You can create a folder to keep your favourite ads in one place
  • Look for the top ads by likes, comments


  • Free version does not provide much features

4- AdLeap Software

If you are ready to pay for some great features mostly unavailable with free apps, AdLeap is what you should choose. Do you think that a better insight would let you explore huge benefits not possible with free tools? You must check out AdLeap.

The software gets you the list of ads that are performing well. It not only helps you with finding the best ads, but also provides an amazing platform if you want to sell products online.


  • It has the feature to pin the ads to make them available at one place
  • Provides complete insight of the ad from copying of image to its engagement.
  • You can check the performance of ads as time passes
  • Has the alert feature to ensure that you do not miss any new published ad
  • Customer Support is good


  • You may have to deal with a slow dashboard
  • Requires chrome plugin to run

5- Swiped.co 

This free tool provides a library of about 481 ads categorized under classic and modern labels. These inspirational ads can be a research guide for one for creating a successful ad campaign. The examples are chosen with efforts and are well documented for others to learn from.


  • The diverse niche to consult from
  • Every ad is presented with a brief description about why the ad is successful giving you a better insight
  • You can also request for an ad that you see unavailable with the tool under any category


  • You will find only four ads that actually exist on Facebook

6- Adsova

With more than 5 million ads, Adsove owns one of the largest databases of ads. You can very well judge what strategies your competitors are using and decide for yourself. However, you may be disheartened to know that this tool does not have a free version. Thankfully, all the plans are available for $1 trial.


Adsova database is updated every day making it even more powerful with passing time

Adsova’s database is a combination of visual ads as well as texts


Free version is not available with Adsova

7- PowerAdSpy

As the name suggests, this tool is an actual spy of Facebook Ads. There are many benefits of using this tool. You not only get to know the ads that your competitors are posting but can also view target audience age, interests, and geography and lot more.

Good news for those who own Shopify store as PowerAdSpy has massive collection of ad data for the business.


You get the access to over 6 million ads across the country

You can directly swap to actual live Facebook ad right away from PowerAdSpy’s dashboard.

You get a lot of filter to segregate the specific ad according to the keyword, location, etc.


The basic version does not provide much feature

The Conclusion

With surge in competition, businesses are trying every possible way to be at the top. A successful ad can make that possible in no time. And, what could be an easy way than to look for something that is already popular in the market. So, look for the competitor’s ad to know what would better suit your business using the above tools.

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